Snowboard courses in Alta Badia for all ages

Top service, cool people and team spirit

Whether you want to shred the toughest of slopes with ease and style or just to learn the basics of snowboarding – choose our snowboard courses in Alta Badia to get what you are looking for. The Snowboard School San Cassiano offers group snowboard courses for every level, from beginner to advanced. Our skilled and friendly snowboard instructors will always be by your side, helping you with the most useful snowboard tricks and tips. Fun, comradery and team spirit have always been an integral part of the snowboarding culture – and the amazing scenery of the Dolomites will do the rest to make you fully enjoy your snowboard course in Alta Badia.

You can book snowboard courses in Alta Badia for the total duration from 6 till 10 hours, which are held with a minimum of 3 participants. Have a look at our offers and pick up you perfect snowboard deal!